24 Hour Project Sign Up!!


Every spring at UWEC, The Players put on a performance event called The 24 Hour Project.

But what is 24?

At 7:30pm on 3/7/14, everyone who signs up will gather in Riverside Theatre in Haas Fine Arts on campus.  Once a theme and a location are drawn out of a hat, everyone has until 7:30pm the following night (3/8/14) to create their work and prepare to showcase it!  The artistic discliplines we will be facilitating this year are: Theatre, music, dance, poetry/spoken word and visual art.

Well? What are you waiting for? Scroll down, sign up and get ready, a lot can happen in a day…

Note the following caps on positions:

Playwright/Director – 6 slots

Actors/Actresses – 25 slots

Musical Performance – 4 slots

Positions with limited availability will be chosen on a first come-first serve basis, so get your spot now!

Medieval Carnival

A group on campus is hosting a medieval carnival and is looking for skits!  The Players have two 30 minute slots reserved for them so we will be accepting two writers.  How many actors we need will be announced when the writers have been decided on.  If you have any interest in writing a 30 minute skit with a medieval theme, please fill out the form below and we will get into contact regarding a script and deadlines.

It’s almost time!

Get your butts ready folks, because it’s almost time for the 24 hour project! This is where all the updates, news and sign up information will be posted, so check back often!Image